Southworks – the World’s ‘Smartest’ Building

9th November 2021

Every project we work on is to unique specifications and bespoke to client requirements, but the landmark Southworks scheme for our client Middlecap is something really quite extraordinary.

Built across 7 storeys with 70,000sqft of office space, the multi-award winning Southworks scheme is the first in the UK to be built using the B-Grid Smart Building System. This system means that real time data relating to the building, including occupancy, energy usage, fresh air and carbon emissions, can be monitored and controlled via an app, ensuring that the building environment and its operation is optimised.

The building is located on Rushworth Street and is equidistant between Waterloo and London Bridge tube stations. The ground-breaking scheme is the first building in the UK to achieve the Platinum Smart Building Certification, only one of two buildings to receive this accolade worldwide. Southworks was also named the world’s smartest building at the 2021 Futureproof Awards (People’s Choice category), recognised for its use of data to create the best possible user environment.

As well as its pioneering environmental credentials, the scheme also boasts some unique design features, including a curved wall made of glass bricks at the entrance, special curved handmade Italian bricks, and exposed board mark finished concrete on internal walls.

Conor Rice, Managing Director, HG Construction commented:

“Our client Middlecap had a very clear idea of what they wanted to achieve architecturally, technologically and environmentally at an early stage. We worked closely with them in the early planning stages to identify the right materials and skilled sub-contractors to deliver on their unique, ground-breaking vision.

“The site presented some challenges given that the basement is 1.4m below the water table, and the fact that it is a full footprint site. Careful planning and great teamwork ensured that HG met these challenges with innovation and delivered this exciting project on budget and on programme.

“It has been a great opportunity for HG to work on this pioneering scheme. The building will provide an ideal working environment which enhances users’ health and wellbeing whilst optimising its sustainable credentials. We wish the client every success with this exciting new commercial space.”

This project is Middlecap’s first office scheme in the UK. For further information on the scheme visit

Southworks Entrance Southworks Entrance Side